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Where can you stand out?

These are all the available benefits:

1. Opening Speech

The president of STA will publicly thank and mention all the sponsoring companies. Diamond and Platinum companies may address the audience directly through a speech of 5 minutes.

2. Social Media

Be interviewed and posted on YouTube, specialised magazines and blogs, FSS webpage…Expose your brand on a variety of social media, not only managed by the organisation but also in the attendee’s social networks. Offer a free gift for pics posted in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

3. Mobile App

One of our strongest tools for networking during the event should be your tool for branding. Increase awareness placing your logo on our App, and get your activities and your booth announced to 3.000 attendants on the spot.


4. Exhibition area available at the Paddock

Set a stand and showcase your products and services, including demonstrations and participation of attendants.

You can organise a contest or any other activity in  your stand and we will post the announcement in our App to lead the attendants to you.

The organisation will also organise a photo contest around the paddock to cheer up the atmosphere and entertain the attendants. To participate, the photos must be posted in the attendants’ social networks. Likewise, the organisation will post all photos in its official social media.

5. Fly Banners and Canvas

Be the first brand to be seen by all visitors each and every time they access or walk inside the circuit. Why not draw their attention while they’re moving around? Get your brand spotted on a fly banner or canvas around the racetrack on the fences used to highlight the route followed by the competing cars as well as in the connecting area at the Paddock. There are different sizes.

6. Registration

Gain exposure when the participants receive their pass after checking in at the registration desk at the event.

7. Briefings

Your logo will appear in the area where contestants receive the indications for every test and other information.


8. Awards ceremony

Place your brand in the podiu, while the winners receive their awards and be one of the companies delivering the award to the winners.

9. Cultural Sharing Dinner and Farewell Party

Place your brand where the attendants gather and meet.

2 possibilities: at the cultural sharing dinner after the first day of competition and at the farewell party the very last day after the competition and the awards ceremony.

In both cases, we offer you the opportunity to:

  • Name the party after your brand
  • Invite the attendants to a drink and give them a plastic cup with your logo together with FSS2019 logo so they can keep it as a memory
  • Brand signage in the social area where these two events take place

10. The cantine and the social area

Engage the visitors while they’re enjoying a break and gain excellent brand visibility at the event’s resting and eating areas with your logo exposed.

11. Dining/Luncheon tickets

The organisation offers you the catering service. If you need more tickets than what provided in your sponsorship package, you can buy those in the Event Control Office.

12. Access to VIP area

At the request of the partner company, companies can have a meeting and rest rooms, where refreshments will be available.

13. Photocall

Place your brand in the photocall area and have your brand go viral instantly.

14. Lanyard

Embrace your target audience, literally, and make a lasting impression on more than 3.000 attendants.

15. Permission to use the logo FSS2019

Companies can use the logo of the competition on their commercial documents, prices, catalogues, websites…

16. Handbook

The event guide will be given to all teams and will be available on the web FSS2019.

17. Delivery of gifts and promotional documentation to participants

We encourage our sponsors to provide promotional items. Those can be handled at the registration , before the awards and in their respective stands.

18. Inflatable goal arch

Be spotted just when the racing cars cross the goal arch. Your photo with the winner will be posted everywhere on the social nets.

19. Contact with future engineers and professionals. CV recruitment campaign

Specific communication plan to inform participants of all teams about companies wishing to recruit young professionals and the procedures to be one of the candidates.