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Become a sponsor and make your brand stand out in front of more than 3.000 participants. These young people, aged 20 to 25 coming from 23 different countries, are eager to try new products and experiences!

Sponsor our 10th FSS edition and generate greater brand awareness and sales opportunities.

  • First of all:

    • Showcase your products or services to a very large audience
    • Engage this audience form different nationalities by organising activities in your booth. The more people gathered, the more your brand will be exposed on the social networks worldwide! (We provide the exhibition area but not the setup of the booth)
    • Enhance your brand image: it will be under the spot and exposed on our App and website, on the news and on social media worldwide
  • and furthermore:

    • Enjoy the races and further activities with an experienced speaker, who will also interview you. The interviews will be posted in our youtube channel and website
    • Raise your CSR: let your employees and business partners know about your engagement with the youthful and the sustainable mobility (electrical vehicles)
    • Enhance your leading-edge technology and innovative solutions’ image within your sector and worldwide
    • Make networking contacts with potential collaborators and potential employees

On our side, we ensure a smooth development of the event and provide the following products and services.

  • These are the main budget items where we invest to ensure a smooth and successful development of the event:

    • Racing circuit rental, the maintenance services, the electrical installation, drinkable water, WI-FI and loud-speaker system
    • 350 volunteer’s transportation, their allowances, trips and overnight stays
    • Meals for all 350 volunteers
    • Special clothing and apparel for staff involved in the competition
  • Likewise:

    • Rental of the technical testing equipment (energy meters, transponders…)
    • Contracting of race marshals, judges and commissioners
    • Contracting of firemen, ambulances and hospital services
    • Fuel and electricity for the competition cars
    • Rental of tents for the over 100 participating teams
  • and last but not least:

    • Ongoing assistance to our sponsors and collaborators before, during and after the event

As a result of our perseverance, FSS has become an ever-growing event where attendants come not only to compete but also to share their experiences, to make new friends and discover new ways of living. And Barcelona is one of the most beloved cities in the world! Here our young participants are open to all kind of experiences.

That is why, FSS is a fantastic opportunity to take them on a new journey and speed up your brand!